Difference moved into the House in Feng Shui

    with social progress and the improvement of people's living standard, people's living environment requirements have become more sophisticated. The rapid development of the real estate market and provide more choices for people to improve their living environment. Generally, people choose to domestic factors to be considered are: location, urban transport, property management, community greening, peripheral, and price factors, and so on. With the improvement of people's awareness level, some of the people into consideration when selecting your home more, their housing requirements is not limited to the above areas. House Feng Shui for better or worse, has become a priority for selecting residential part.

    Feng Shui, as an important part of China's traditional culture, has a long history and traditions. Feng Shui is the study of the relationship between people and their living environment, can also be said that Feng Shui is a science environment, transforming the environment. United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a famous saying, "artificial House, the House has made man. "Mean, the House is a great deal of influence on the people. In fact, from a Feng Shui point of view, on a person's character, health, fate, effects, such as more than just the House itself, in addition to the structure of the House, and outside of the House environment and House decorating, furnishings, etc. House external environment consists of two parts, one is the residential environment, we call it environment, the second is terrain and topography and the layout of the community we call environment. The internal structure and layout of the House is a small environment of the House. Generally speaking, urban housing choice should take into account three aspects of Feng Shui. I describe below:

    first, let me talk about environment of choice.

    the so-called environment refers to the area outside of the surrounding environment, including community surrounded by mountains, buildings, rivers, roads, and so on. Nothing cannot exist independently, influence and interaction with the surrounding environment, building community is no exception. Within the community of Feng Shui is good or bad, depends in large part on external environmental effects. External environment, meets the requirements of Feng Shui, wind gas field within the community is good; the external environment is not good, wind gas field within the community will certainly be adversely affected.

    selection of Feng Shui in the external environment, should focus on the following points:

    1, definition of "Tibetan wind Ki" requirements

    Feng Shui is about "Tibetan wind Ki", the terrain is eligible for what "storing wind Ki"? The buried book provides for this situation, to meet the "Tibetan wind Ki" terrain should be "left as a black dragon and right for the White Tiger, rosefinch before, after basalt. "That is, the environment should be: back to the mountains, to have low hills in the distance in front, left and right side got surrounded by mountains, Ming Tang in part to the spacious terrain, and winding around it. Of course, this is an ideal model in the actual selection, as long as the higher terrain or building at the rear than the front, high terrain or building on the left than right, and Hall is open, that this environment has the "hide wind Ki" conditions.

    2, around the rivers and water flows

    Feng Shui say "water holding", "Jade belt loop waist", when in the bend of the river ring, must be a good field, encircled by the River, there would be good Feng Shui. But a lot of the community next to the River are straight, in this case, how should we choose? General principle: If residential is located on the right side of the river for, and if the left side of the river lot. As regards the determination of the left and right of the River, depending on river flow: when back to the water, left to left, right to right. Since ancient times, when people in the cities, mostly to follow this principle, big city built on the right bank of the River, such as Chongqing, Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai and other cities located in the Yangtze River on the right; Lanzhou, Xian, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Jinan and other cities is located on the right side of the Yellow River. If a community is located in the on the right side of the River, so water must be flowing clockwise, the clockwise flow of the river is great for wind gas field inside the community strengthened role, whereas the area to the left of the River, because water is a counter-clockwise flow, wind gas field within the community will be greatly undermined.

    3, the surrounding roads

    because the road to the terrain and location will affect the community and the field, therefore, roads outside the community should also attract special attention. Then elevated road and light rail. Because speeding vehicles on the road will form a powerful noise and shock air, damage to the community of Feng Shui will have a greater role, adverse effect on the occupants ' health and luck. This spring, I've seen a House this residential buildings located in a community where the right hand side, next to a North-South elevated highway standing indoors looking forward, long elevated into like a sword, road traffic through the envelope is very heavy. Shortly after the family moved into the new House, when he was the mistress of the home to the bank teller, was robbed of 60,000 yuan. Three families lived in the same building, you have an accident. Therefore, the choice of residence must pay attention next to the viaduct, if not special needs, had better not choose.

    residential road impingement will often lead to patronage of the thieves. Recently, a residential area near ten families were stolen on the same day, stolen household in one upstairs, next to this building is a straight road.

    second, I talk about the environmental choice

    environment in the so-called, refers to the environment within the community, including community of terrain and topography, building layouts and the layout of landscape. House most closely associated with the internal environment of the community, the internal environment of the community had the greatest impact on residential Feng Shui, therefore, the choice of homes within the community should be environmental as a focus on the content.

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