How to pick moving company moving

    every move, for each customer and us, is a very important interaction; every customer loved, done the best possible packaging and handling and adhering to the "good move, good service!" Service philosophy, adhere to the "professional, efficient, high quality, quick," the company purpose, dedication to customer service, service quality, professional moving techniques will be able to properly protect your valuable goods, efficient service will be able to deeply your affirmation and appreciation. If you have any damaged items throughout the relocation process, we will take a serious attitude in dealing with, and compensation for loss. So far moving market a large number of fake moving company, they are to post about in the community, hung, brushed black advertising as a means of soliciting business, Trickster, even at very low prices to attract customers, in the relocation process layer upon layer another increase, which greatly damaged the reputation of our company and other formal moving company, and hope customers don't covet small gains to be deceived.

    therefore, we sincerely urge our people to be moved do not believe black advertisement (four working together with the city Regulation), don't be cheap, and make moving fun into something unpleasant. (When making a reservation can show (quote) valid identification number, business license, etc)

    currently on the market there are some illegal moving company moving services, such moving companies a mobile phone or PHS, don't even have a formal offices and license, and some through the small ads (or newspaper advertisement) pretending to be a normal moving company contract business, if there is a problem, the customer simply could not find the company. Therefore, it is recommended that customers should carefully select a moving company, recommends that customers preferred brand of large moving companies is appropriate, when selecting a moving company should pay attention to the following:

    first of all, note that does the moving company have formal offices, should go to its official offices to review its business license, it must have to run the project "moving and transportation services" of a formal qualification but moving services moving company.

    Secondly, to check a valid service contract. In accordance with the relevant provisions, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of relocation and supporting Parties, moving and transportation enterprises active service contract shall be signed with the customer. Which should including methyl b both agreed of time locations, needed of models, and methyl b both agreed of moved way, and methyl b both agreed of service price, and party proposed of service project and requirements, and b made of about service commitment, and precious easy loss items in handling process in the both of responsibility defined, and party requirements claims matters of according to, and b completed moved transport service work of delivered time, and methyl b both common agreed of other service project,. In this way, you can avoid disputes arising from the oral promise is not clear, to avoid wrong interests to be protected, Jia Xin moved to issue formal orders for customers and relocation deal, to ensure that the interests of customers.

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