Move move their household registration does not replace ID cards

    as long as registration has changed, you must run a new ID card, this problem will no longer occur in the future.

    on June 1, the Public Security Bureau of Urumqi, according to permit Department staff, second-generation card "chip" can feel free to append new content, resident address change, so long as "rewrite" chip, you can leave the new address.

    and certificate Department of Public Security Bureau of Urumqi city, household, requires the separation personnel at the time of certification for second generation, must move the account to the actual place of residence.

    the city over separate personnel procedures for migration formalities for: holders of the household, identity card and housing prove actual residence station account to move in. There are two houses should be in actual police station of origin procedures, and registration at the second address.

    mobilization does not migrate accounts, especially for city causes accounts to be registered addresses have disappeared, and residents without shelter, public security authorities may require the accounts migrate to the actual place of residence. Refuse migration account, suspend issue a second generation license and terminate all account matters.

    second generation card number 18: the top six as administrative division code, from seventh to 14th as the date of birth codes, 15th to 17th for the order code, 18th to check code. Check code is 10, then with the Roman numeral x instead.

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