Relationship between floor and move

    floor height have to do with moving costs

    floor height is a basis for moving companies calculate moving expenses.

    If live to and destination residence belongs to building of first layer or bungalow, is not added received floors aspects of costs of. If live to and the destination residence in building of second layer above (containing second layer) or basement, charges time two species situation: If floor within has elevator can for moved Shi using, is not recycling floors costs; if no elevator, is by each layer floor 10 Yuan recycling moved costs.

    moving what is the relationship between distance and cost

    move and take a taxi, there are baseline distance and ultra distance fee. In three ways:

    a distance, vehicle. This distance refers to the distance between the moving destination of origin. Baseline distance of 15 km, if it does not exceed does not cost extra. More than 15 km per km plus 4.

    second, the manual handling of distance. This distance refers to the distance between floor parking. Remote handling is very hard to Porter, so have to charge fees. Base distance is 20 meters, 20 meters without charge. More than 20 meters, plus 1 handling fee per metre. In General, if the vehicle is parked in front of the building, transportation distance is no more than 20 meters, there will be no fee increases.

    c, remote handling. Remote handling increases the vehicle's driving distance and time taken to move, so be extra costs. Their standard is every going to one place, charge 50 Yuan.

    how to prepare before moving

    new house was a family event, who do not wish to rush, it is best to prepare. First arrange time. A move generally require 2-4 hours ranging. If the distance, traffic, or transportation of goods, it may be longer. Secondly to reserve a vehicle with moving companies in advance, arrive on time and began to move. If more articles, a car pulled up, want to make an appointment more than cars, items away, you can save time. Encountered rain, snow, the best choice for a covered automobile, so as not to get wet. Once again to pack in advance. Larger boxes, prior out of the closet to avoid the movers can't lift shoes cartons on bits and pieces of the best, so as not to lose cash, jewelry and other valuable small items to carry sets, tea sets and other fragile items to be individually wrapped and separate handling so as not to break. Well prepared for in advance, your move will be very smooth.

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