Carriage of goods

    goods transport---perfect logistic facilities and team to provide you with quality of long short-distance transportation and distribution services.

    industry standard service standards:

    (a) five good service standards (ii) three are not allowed to

    1, safe and punctual service; 1, are not allowed to accept tobacco tips;

    Zun love good goods, 2, 2, are not allowed to accept food and drink served;

    3, light light discharge handling good; 3, no damage, missing items;

    4, complete with special needs is good;

    5, reasonable fares good reputation.


    1, phone to accept service (special home valuation).

    2, signed a contract with the consent, ensure that the interests of consumers.

    3, handling according to customer requirements on time of the day, every car is equipped with blankets, ropes, and so on, for safe removal.

    4, reached the landing points for furniture and large put in place as required.

    5, determine the moving end, no damage, customers fill in the feedback form, satisfactory payment.

    business building, enterprises moving

    1, salesman to your company for free on probation, to discuss, to provide exact pricing.

    2, signed a contract with the consent, ensure your company benefits.

    3, requesting for cartons, packaging services, provide blanket protection for furniture for free.

    4, carry the same day scheduling to ensure your successful relocation.

    5, determine the moving end, no damage, make payment.

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